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Strategic CFOs was founded on a simple principle – small business leaders deserve the same level of accounting support and insight as their big-company counterparts. We have assembled a team of professionals that can deliver on that promise, empowering our clients to make smart decisions about their companies.

At Strategic CFOs, we go beyond the traditional role of basic bookkeeping, bringing a holistic and forward-thinking approach to financial management within an organization. While bookkeeping primarily involves recording financial transactions and maintaining accurate ledgers, our Strategic CFOs adds significant value by leveraging financial data to drive strategic decision-making to grow your revenue. We tailor our accounting to suit your business’s needs, providing accurate information that you can actually use.


25+ Years Experience


We’re accounting gurus, so it’s pretty easy for us to distinguish between the “plug and chug” bookkeeping services available and what we do. But it may not be as easy for you to tell the difference. Hopefully, what we have articulated above helps. Here are a few more thoughts that may clear things up:

  • Efficiency:

  • Because we have such a deep understanding of what is possible in QuickBooks, wherever possible we utilize features like memorized transactions to keep costs low and accuracy high.

  • Accuracy & Clarity:

  • Low-cost bookkeeping services are more likely to think about accounting purely from the transaction perspective. This can lead to the mentality that “as long as it’s recorded in there somewhere, the numbers will come out fine.” We disagree. The CFO / Controller level of expertise that drives our Financial Consulting makes us acutely aware that only recording in the right place, in the right way, will yield top-level reports that can be trusted.

  • Strategic Partnership:

  • Ours is a small business, just like yours. You’ll get to know our people and we will take nearly as much pride in your success as you and your team will. By enlisting our help, you’ll get our whole team and our portfolio of skills.

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We Have 25+ Years Of Experience In Managerial Bookkeeping, Audit & Tax Readiness and Strategic Financial Consulting



CFO Consultant (Domestic)

Ed, the founder of Strategic CFOs, serves as the principal consultant in the roles of CFO and Controller. Leading the accounting team at Strategic CFOs, he collaborates extensively with external tax preparers and finance professionals. This collaborative approach ensures the provision of comprehensive financial support to clients.


(Domestic) Accounting Manager

Minna, as the Accounting Manager at Strategic CFOs, she reviews extensive information during new client onboarding. Additionally, she oversees and manages each client's financial activities, collaborating with teams to supervise the full accounting cycle, from reconciliations to financial reporting.


CPA Associate Director (International)


CPA Associate Director (International)


Senior Accountant


CPA Senior Accountant (International)

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In our feature section, we offer services to help your business and finances. Our Bookkeeping Service keeps your financial records organized so you can focus on growing your business. For Family Law, we provide support and expertise in cases like divorce and custody. We understand these matters can be tough, and we're here to help. 

Lastly, our Audit and assurance services ensure your financial information is accurate and trustworthy, which is crucial for businesses. We're dedicated to providing quality services that suit your needs, reflecting our commitment to excellence. We provide professional support, understanding the sensitive nature of all issues.

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