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Ever wonder why most matchmaking companies boast about high success rates after just one date? That's because they only track if both people agree to a second date. Simple, right? Now, enter The Crush Confidential – we're different for matchmaking services. We do the initial introductions, but we don't stop at the first date.

We stick around, guiding the new couple with smart strategies and proven methods to make their journey a success. While others just introduce themselves, we give the best first date ideas for new relationships. We're here to help you figure that out and nurture those signs for a real and lasting connection.


15+ Years Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Amanda Hood, our owner, has 15+ years of experience, making her a fantastic love guide. With her great communication skills, she's here to focus on making you happy!

Our process follows couples beyond the first date, providing ongoing support and strategies to help you turn it into a committed relationship. We're more than just a matchmaking service.

Our Rolodex is full of love tips and advice. You can get it for free by creating a profile. It's our way of giving you helpful resources for your love journey, even if you're not paying.

We have strong measures in place to keep your info safe and secure. Your journey with us is about finding love in a safe and private space.

With the Concierge Package, you get personalized support and advice. It's like a VIP experience made just for you, making your journey to love super fun and unique.

Owner and Company

Meet Amanda Hood, the awesome leader behind The Crush Confidential! With her background, she's not just a matchmaker – she's your love coach. The Crush Confidential is more than a dating site; it's about creating lasting connections. They don't just stop at the first date – they stick around to guide couples with ongoing support.

Your privacy is a big deal here, and The Crush Confidential is all about making your dating experience safe and enjoyable. It's like having a personal guide on your love journey. If you're a professional looking for a fancy dating experience, they've got you covered!

The signs of a committed relationship are all about talking openly, respecting each other, and working towards shared goals. Our goal is simple: redefine matchmaking by focusing on continuous support, making The Crush Confidential your dedicated partner in finding lasting love.

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Love is the melody of two hearts harmonizing in the beautiful symphony of a committed relationship.