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Bachelor Events

One evening. One man. Seven women.

It’s all about you, Bachelor.

Our new Bachelor Events are an exciting addition to The Crush Confidential’s Singles Events!

This is a great alternative for those men who are not ready for a matchmaking package at this time. We are hosting these events nationwide. So, apply below to see if you qualify to become the next TCC Bachelor!!!

These events include the following:
  • Private venue in your city (nationwide)
  • Seven women screened and vetted, specifically for you
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Secluded “micro” dates with each lady
  • Professional feedback session
  • $2200

*travel costs will be added for Bachelor Events outside of southern OH/northern KY/eastern IN

*current or past TCC clients receive 20% off

Engaging Bachelor Events

Step into the excitement of The Crush Confidential's Bachelor Events – where singles come together for a dating experience. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of speed dating events in Los Angeles and nearby areas, fostering connections that go beyond the ordinary.

Our singles dating events have a unique approach that ensures a meaningful connection for singles. Don't miss the chance to create memorable moments of bachelor relationships with us. Our nearby in-person dating events just got more exciting!

“Love is the melody that turns life's moments into a symphony, and relationships are the beautiful dance of hearts finding harmony in each other's company, creating a timeless, joyous melody. ”


Help Received From The Crush Confidential.

Join The Crush Confidential for a fun Florida dating experience! Our expert team is not only for singles, but also provides expert relationship building skills to help you build love. Whether you're navigating the Florida dating scene or enhancing your connection abilities, we're here to make the journey enjoyable and meaningful. Let us be your partner in the pursuit of love and lasting connections in the USA.

Explore More FAQs

Our Bachelor Events stand out for their lively atmosphere, blending fun and meaningful connections for singles.

Absolutely! We host exciting speed dating events, adding a touch of thrill to your dating experience.

Yes! Our events are designed to bring local singles together for memorable and engaging experiences.

Our events go beyond the ordinary, creating an environment where singles can foster connections that matter.

Bachelor Events caters to diverse preferences, offering a platform for singles to explore various types of connections, from casual to more serious relationships.